Heyward the Horse Loves Charleston, Of Course!

In this book, we’re introduced to Heyward M. Pinckney IV, a carriage horse in downtown Charleston. Heyward takes visitors on a carriage ride past a variety of Charleston area landmarks and attractions, including Riley Waterfront Park, Rainbow Row, historic churches and the Charleston City Market. With his magical bow tie, Heyward is able to fly his carriage over the Holy City, pointing out the marshes, plantations and the beaches.

More than 3,000 copies sold!

    Heyward the Horse and The Founding of Charleston

    Heyward is on a mission to answer an important question: Who founded the City of Charleston? With the help of his magic bowtie, Heyward takes you on a journey back in time to the very beginning. Hold on tight as you meet Heyward’s renowned ancestor, Heyward the First, and journey with him across the ocean to the New World. Discover mighty ships, dangerous jungles, pirate battles, native peoples, cool maps, walled cities, and more.